Whoops! Terese sleeps with Paul (again) in Neighbours

Terese ends up sleeping with Paul again, unaware that Gary is secretly planning a surprise engagement party for her

Terese Willis has had a terrible time in Neighbours lately. But this week the cancer sufferer is given two seriously good pieces of news. Firstly, Mr Udagawa is going to carry on being an investor – and best, best, best of all… her tumours have shrunk!

After trying and failing to get hold of Gary and Piper, Terese just has to tell someone and confides in her smitten ex lover, Paul. Terese is bowled over by Paul’s sincere reaction and soon the ex flames are tearing each others’ clothes off!

Paul couldn’t be happier about the tryst, but Terese feels awful, especially when she goes on to find unsuspecting Gary hass thrown a surprise engagement party for them! Awks…