Alun Armstrong has said that filming for Garrow’s Law was “b****y hard work!”

The New Tricks actor stars as an 18th century attorney John Southouse in the drama and said the conditions were almost unbearable in the show’s ‘courtroom’.

He explained: “We filmed all of the courtroom scenes in a converted bonded whisky warehouse in Dumbarton, Scotland with no air conditioning – you’d think normally a Scottish summer would be cool but there was a heat wave so it was baking hot.”

The filming took eight weeks and Armstrong admits it was probably the hardest work he’d done for a long time.

“You might have to do 20 takes to get one little piece… It was b****y hard work!”

And after such a punishing schedule, Armstrong was keen to take a break – but only for 24 hours!

Alun said: “At the end of the filming I had one day off.”

Now the actor returns to film the next series of New Tricks and he explained that he’ll continue working as an actor for as long as possible.

He said: “At my age all of my friends who aren’t actors are stopping working and asking, ‘When are you going to retire?’ but if you’re an actor you don’t retire, you just get picky or stop getting offered as much work!”

Garrow’s Law: Tales From The Old Bailey begins Sunday November 1, on BBC1 at 9pm.