Amanda Redman hits the gym to conquer TV ageism

Amanda Redman has confessed she fears being axed because of her age.

The 49-year-old New Tricks actress claims the entertainment industry is all about being young and beautiful for women.

Amanda told the Daily Mirror: “I don’t stop worrying about it; in our industry there is never going to be anything other than young and beautiful.

“That is great, but there is room for the rest of us. People do get interesting as they get older!

“It is all very good being in New Tricks and for as long as that goes on, that is fine. Outside the roles are not there.”

Amanda revealed her fear of ageing and her desperate quest to keep being cast means she endures a punishing fitness regime.

“I do go to the gym every day. I do three hours every day,” she said.

“I do get addicted and I hate it, but I go because I have to. As you get older, TV becomes more difficult.

“The shots of your arms, tops and lines are magnified. It is not how you see yourself in the street.”

But Amanda, who plays Superintendent Sandra Pullman in the sixth series of New Tricks added: “Working on the show is marvellous and this new series is the best ever – it is the happiest job I have ever worked on.”