Tamzin Outhwaite: ‘My New Tricks co-stars are so girly!’

Tamzin Outhwaite claims that her New Tricks co-stars are more ‘girly’ than she is.

The actress, who joined the crime drama for the final two episodes of the last series as new UCOS boss DCI Sasha Miller, told TV & Satellite Week that even though she is the only lady in the team of cold case investigators, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Denis Lawson, who play Dan Griffin and Steve McAndrew, are the most in touch with their feminine sides.

“It’s very male-heavy, but thankfully, probably the most female are Nick and Denis Lawson. They’re really in touch with talking and feelings and things that an awful lot of testosterone-fuelled men don’t do. So for me it’s like having a couple of my girlfriends on set, so I don’t feel outnumbered!” she laughs.

As she returns for her first full series of New Tricks, the former EastEnders actress admits that she has been overwhelmed by how strongly she feels about being a regular in the series.

“I had the best time when I guested on it previously as a murderer, but we don’t talk about that!” laughs Tamzin. “I remember thinking how lucky the main cast were to be in it, so to be back as a regular is a beautiful surprise. It’s like it was meant to be and it’s one of those jobs that I didn’t think I’d fall in love with quite so much, but it’s down to the brilliant bunch of people I work with.”

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