12 Brilliant Bake Off Moments

Two episodes in and we are obsessed with the new series of The Great British Bake Off. We knew it would happen, didn’t we? It was inevitable. In fact we love it so much we’ve compiled a list of our favourite moments from the past four series for you to enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to let us know if we’ve missed any of your best bits!

1. Any time anybody says Soggy Bottom


No explanation needed.


2. Dough Gate – Series 3


Pretty much everyone threw dough on the floor in the 2012 series of GBBO and we were worried about hygiene levels in the kitchen. When everyone around you tells you to take the bits of carpet out of the food and just serve it, we wonder whether we should be reporting the BBC to The Food Standards Agency.

3. Who stole Howard’s custard? – Series 4

We loved Howard and we really hoped he would make it to the final in 2013, but when he went to the fridge to retrieve his perfectly-made custard for his perfectly-made trifle he realised someone had stolen it. Apparently it was ‘an accident’, but we have our suspicions. To be honest we would have stolen his custard too.

4. “SOMEONE’S CUT THEIR FINGER!” – John, Series 3


Winner of series 3, John, cut his finger – but being the brave soldier he was, carried on stretching his pasty, which in turn stretched the wound. Ouch. He really, really wanted to carry on with his strudel, but was medically advised not to. They should use this storyline on Casualty next week – what a corker!

5. “Oooh, look at your buns!” – Mary Ann, Series 2


Ice fingers don’t look difficult to make – they really don’t. But Mary Ann had terrible trouble when she had to ice her buns (ahem) after they had baked. She wasn’t shy with her servings and smeared each bun with a huge dollop of icing before covering them with a thick layer of jam. We think they sound amazing, but Sue wasn’t impressed, calling them ‘Frankenstein’s buns’.


6. “It’s MY mousse” – Mel and Sue, Series 5


Mel and Sue are just funny – full stop. Without them GBBO wouldn’t work. Well it might, but it would just be less funny. We’ve only seen a couple of episodes from series 5, but they were girls after our own hearts when they chased one another round the kitchen trying to eat some leftover mousse. Genius.

7. Edd series 1 – “It’s beyond recovery”


Edd is our type of guy. Although the winner of series one, he had a bit of a disaster at the beginning when his cake refused to come out of its mould. Eventually it slid out like slime and landed catastrophically on his plate. He then uttered the immortal line “Erm if I could just have some icing sugar to cover it… oh hang on the fruit’s not even cooked. It’s a big pile of crap.”


8. Mel ruins Frances’s signature bake – Series 4

We know that GBBO isn’t necessarily a violent show, but if Mel or Sue caused our biscuit tower to collapse we would go berserk! Seriously, we would lap around that kitchen gripping a spatula and nobody would be safe. Eventual winner Frances went for a calmer (normal) approach when Mel ruined her tower during the tense 2013 signature bake.


9. Tart tension – Paul and Mary, Series 2


We can see the headline now! ‘Berry and Hollywood in Row Over Tart’. Unfortunately it’s not as saucy as it sounds. Usually Paul and Mary agree when they do the taste test in front of the terrified amateur bakers. But when deciding who should be the episode’s star baker the duo argued over Rob’s tarts and Sue had to step in before the producers got the rolling pins out…

10. Rob Series 4 – Exterminate!

We can’t believe that Rob went home… it was a DALEK for goodness sake!! Then again, Marry Berry doesn’t strike us a Doctor Who fan, Paul was unimpressed with the taste and it had a deadly skewer through the middle keeping it all together. Oh, and that edible glue. But GUYS –  he made a HUGE BLUE DALEK. Our complete respect.

11. Jason Gardiner Sport Relief 2014 – Flouring his pin


Bake Off wouldn’t be the same without its regular innuendos (mainly from Mel and Sue), but former Strictly Come Dancing judge Jason Gardiner took it a little too far in this behind the scenes clip of him entering the iconic tent this year for Sport Relief. Oh, Jason…


12. The Mary Berry You-Didn’t-Make-Fondant Death Stare

If you’re using ready-made fondant you’re going home. GOT IT?

*The Great British Bake Off continues on BBC1 on Wednesday evenings.


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