Another day, another round of cooking challenges on BBC’s Masterchef. On Thursday food critic Jay Rayner made an appearance and set the amateur cooks a challenge to make a dish using just three ingredients, followed by a dessert that would remind us of childhood.

But, of course, the good people of Twitter had a few questions.

1. Firstly, why could (almost) no one stick to the three ingredients brief.


2. Why didn’t anyone think of this?


3. With all that waiting your turn to bring your plate up, this is a question that’s been bothering all of us.


4. Is that bold moustache a health and safety issue?


5. Have we seen Tony somewhere before?


6. And why is it impossible to dislike him?


7. Is there something different about Greg?


8. No? Something else? 


9. Besides, how does he balance his two very opposing jobs? 


10. Why can’t the challenges be more like this?


11. Is this the best put down ever?


12. But most importantly…