13 reasons to watch Friday the 13th

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1. A group of teenagers get picked off by a killer at a lake where a young boy, Jason Voorhees, drowned years earlier. This 1980 slasher movie is one of the key horror movies of its era.

2. This film spawned 12 further slasher movies.

3.  Apparently the original filmmakers didn’t plan for the film to become the huge franchise it  is today.

4. The film stars a young Kevin Bacon.

5.  The hockey mask worn by Jason in the 3rd film
2009 remake of this movie, a second remake is planned for 2010.

9. In addition to the 12 movies, this film spawned a TV series, a number of novels and several comic books.

10. It has a huge fan following. Just check out how many fan films there are on Youtube. I’m impressed by this 2009-style trailer for the 1980 movie:


11. Friday the 13th was filmed at Camp Nobebosco in New Jersey. Now there’s an idea for your next holiday…

12. There are numerous goofs in the film. See how many of these you can spot.

13. Today is Friday the 13th – what better reason is there to watch?

Friday the 13th is showing on Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror tonight at 10.30pm

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