16 of the best reactions to John Lewis’s ‘Man on the Moon’ Christmas ad

The John Lewis Christmas ad is here. Brace yourselves as the social media banter commences. (Oh, and you might want to watch it first.)



1. This was pretty much the universal first reaction


2. And as such, some were struggling to muster sympathy


3. Although others reckon that’s a load of rubbish…


4. People wondered how John Lewis merchandise will be cashing in on this ad


5. If they stocked that telescope though…


6. Crisis-stricken local government services seem to have hit a new low


7. Not to mention Britain’s immigration policy


8. Hang on, isn’t he a British citizen anyway?


9. Couldn’t the little girl have sent him something a bit more useful?



10. And actually, isn’t a telescope the worst possible gift?


11. Seriously, this girl seems a bit dark…


12. People were looking forward to some video mash-ups




You know the drill: “In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon. In 2015 a little girl sent them a telescope.”


13. Some people reckoned John Lewis were outing a moon landing conspiracy


14. Others were concerned how the Daily Mail might cover these lunar developments


15. Either way, people think Monty the penguin is so 2014 now


16. Well, not everyone