24 is back! Here’s why you should be watching

24 returns with a new main man taking on the bad guys in Legacy, a whole new take on the classic TV franchise. The clock is ticking...

24 is back with a new series of explosive action… 24: Legacy sees elite soldier Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) under attack on American soil after his return from a successful hit on a terrorist leader in Yemen.

The series, which will run for 12 episodes, starting from 12pm-1pm, begins on Wednesday, February 15 on Fox TV UK at 9pm.

Here are 12 reasons why you should be watching… The clock is ticking.

Kiefer Sutherland, 24: Legacy

1. Kiefer’s back! Well, sort of – Kiefer Sutherland is working on the show, but this time as a producer. The actor, who played iconic Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer from 2001 onwards, says we won’t see him on screen kicking ass this series. Corey Hawkins, who played Dr Dre in the NWA biopic movie, Straight Outta Compton, is new main man Eric Carter, an elite soldier under attack on US soil.

2. Fans and critics love the show… 24 ran for eight series, plus TV film Redemption and 12-episode run Live Another Day. So far the show has gained 68 Emmy nominations with 20 wins, 12 Golden Globe nominations with two wins, and 10 Screen Actors Guild nominations with four wins.

3. Kiefer’s excited… Kiefer’s got the new show’s back. Before 24: Legacy aired in America after the Super Bowl, he tweeted his support – ‘to the cast and crew, break a leg tonight’.

4. Will it be the best yet? Where will 24: Legacy stand in the list of the greatest series of 24? Season five is widely regarded as the best so far and was the most successful on awards nights – with 12 Emmy nominations and five wins. It saw Jack battling terrorists in control of nerve gas cannisters.


24: Legacy: Miranda Otto

5. 24 meets Homeland … In 24: Legacy, Aussie actress Miranda Otto, who starred as villainous Allison Carr in the Berlin-set series of Homeland, plays former head of CTU Rebecca Ingram, who’s enlisted by Eric to stop further terrorist attacks in the US.


24: Legacy Tony (Carlos Bernard)

6. Tony’s back! Original 24 cast member Carlos Bernard pops up later in Legacy as Jack’s one-time friend and co-worker Tony Almeida. Tony was seemingly killed off in season five, before returning as a bad guy in season seven. Producers say that in Legacy his dark past will come back to haunt Rebecca.

7. Mr and Mrs Carter… Anna Diop, who made her TV debut in Everybody Hates Chris, plays soldier Eric’s nurse wife, Nicole. The couple have been through some rocky times, but when danger comes calling she shows she’s not just a lover, but a fighter…


24: Legacy: Jimmy Smits

8. Power struggles… Jimmy Smits, star of LA Law and NYPD Blue, plays Rebecca’s husband Senator John Donovan, who’s running for President with her support.

9. New man at the top… Teddy Sears, best known for Masters of Sex and the first series of American Horror Story, plays new CTU director Keith Mullins. Rebecca struggles to get on with him, but she does get support from communications analyst Andy Shalowitz, played by Scandal’s Dan Bucatinsky.

10. Chloe might return… Super-hacker and fan favourite Chloe, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub, won’t be back for Legacy. However, according to producers, ‘Chloe could come back in a future season – we love the character’.


24 Legacy: Edgar

11. Family favourite… Another much-loved character, tech whiz Edgar Stiles (Louis Lombardi), isn’t back either (he was killed off in a nerve gas attack on CTU in series five), but his family is represented – Legacy’s CTU analyst Mariana Stiles (Coral Pena) is his cousin.


24: Legacy: Ashley Hawkins

12. There’s bad blood… British actor Ashley Thomas, who has appeared in Top Boy, Black Mirror and The Night Of, plays Eric Carter’s drug-trafficking estranged older brother, Isaac, who’s not impressed that Eric is now married to his ex-girlfriend. It looks as though it’s going to be a long day for our new hero. We wouldn’t have it any other way…

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