30 Days of Night and thirsty creatures of legend

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“What are those creatures?”

I asked myself this question half way through this horror thriller when once again a load of ugly bloodthirsty individuals like this:

30 Days of Night

appeared on screen to terrorise the inhabitants of a small Alaskan town that experiences 30 days of darkness every winter.

I didn’t answer my own question immediately because I was distracted by watching yet another of the townsfolk fall victim to the beasts. But then it struck me like a sharp bite to the neck. There’s no daylight and these creatures seem to have a predilection for blood. How stupid am I? These are the creatures of legend, those classic horror favourites – vampires.

Danny Huston

Perhaps the fact that it took me so long to realise that I was watching a vampire movie indicates that this isn’t the best film in the world.  Actually, I have yet to see a vampire movie with outstanding bite.

Josh Hartnett

This film does raise an interesting question though. If vampires do exist, then why aren’t regions such as Alaska and Scandinavia – those that experience reduced daylight for large portions of the year – rife with folklore about these bloodsucking creatures?

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