5 things we learned from the thrilling new Doctor Who trailer

The Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver made an appearance

The new cast of Doctor Who were shown in action for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con.

Fans packed inside Hall H on Thursday were treated to a new trailer during the panel, which was attended by new Doctor Jodie Whittaker, her co-stars Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole as well as producers Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens.

The 40-second trailer did not give much away – as Chris Chibnall admitted – but it did drop some clues as to what fans can expect.

Here are five things we learned.

1. There are new worlds

Chris told fans the team would explore new worlds, and in the trailer they were shown investigating the flaming wreckage of an aircraft on what appeared to be a sun-scorched alien world.

But it looks like some of the action will take place on Earth, with the squad spotted running through a farm-like area with a car in the background.

2. The Doctor will get into trouble

Inside Hall H, fans gasped as the trailer opened with Jodie Whittaker being blasted out of the TARDIS and into space.

Later, she was seen clutching her head in pain.

3. A new Doctor means a new sonic screwdriver

4. The screwdriver is not the only weapon at the Doctor’s disposal

Another split-second cameo came in the form of what appeared to be a long blowtorch being wielded by the Time Lord.

The Doctor, with her white sleeves rolled up and wearing a welder’s mask, held the strange contraption that consisted of a long pole with two flames coming out of the end.

A look at the background of the scene seems to suggest some sort of workshop, but again there was not much to go on.

5. It really is a team game

There was always going to be a big focus on Jodie, considering she is the first female to be cast as the Doctor, but the trailer featured her companions heavily.

Tosin, Mandip and Bradley Walsh all have big parts to play in the teaser and Chris has been eager to talk up their roles in the build-up to the panel.