7 things you didn’t know about Justin Fletcher, aka Mr Tumble!

Justin Fletcher as children's favourite Mr Tumble

Here’s everything you need to know about Justin Fletcher, who is known to millions of kids as Mr Tumble or MR TUMBLE as they shout at the TV!

Justin, 49, also hosts another children’s favourite, Justin’s House, which is also on CBeebies. Plus he also fronts Something Special, Gigglebiz (he plays all 26 characters!) and his latest show, GiggleQuiz. He was born in Reading, Berkshire in 1970.

1. Justin Fletcher – who plays Mr Tumble – was awarded an MBE by The Queen in 2008.

Justin Fletcher

Justin Fletcher has been to the palace! (pic: PA Archive/PA Images)

The Something Special star, who’s now been working on children’s TV for 25 years, received the award for services “to children’s broadcasting and the voluntary sector” and he recalled that one of the guards called out MR TUMBLE! But Justin didn’t catch the cheeky guard! It’s also said that The Queen likes putting on Mr Tumble whenever she has little family members around!

2. Justin’s hit show Gigglebiz was inspired by The Fast Show!

The Fast Show

The Fast Show helped inspire CBeebies favourite Gigglebiz (pic: PA Archive/PA Images)

He commented: “I wanted to bring a children’s version of The Fast Show really and there wasn’t anything out there at the time. So I pitched it to the commissioning editor of the Beeb and he replied, ‘Look we’ll make it but you’ve got to play all of the characters!’ The gauntlet was set.”

3. Justin was helped on the road to stardom by Phillip Schofield.

Justin once told Phillip on This Morning: “You are responsible for my career, that’s very true. At my third year in drama school I met Phillip and he very kindly gave me some advice and he said go out there and make a show reel and get it out there… and I did and I got my first job about three weeks later. You were my inspiration!”

4. Justin has very famous fans!

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is thought to be a fan of Justin Fletcher (pic: Maxppp/PA Images)

Justin’s fans tend to be tiny tots, but Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp was apparently once spotted in the audience of one of Justin’s live shows!

5. Justin provides the bleats on children’s favourite Shaun the Sheep!

Justin Fletcher promoting Shaun the Sheep

Justin Fletcher is a key part of Shaun the Sheep (pic: EMPICS Entertainment)

Here’s Justin promoting the first Shaun the Sheep movie and he also voiced Shaun and Timmy in the recent second Shaun film, Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon. “I do the easy bit really, the heroes are the animators,” he recently told The One Show.

Did you know that Justin also voiced Jake and Doodles the dog in The Tweenies! And Shaun isn’t the only famous animal Justin has voiced as he played loyal Timmy the dog in Famous 5: One The Case, an animated TV series based on the legendary Famous Five stories by Enid Blyton.

6. Justin’s songwriter father, Guy Fletcher, penned Cliff Richard’s Eurovision entry, Power to All Our Friends in 1973.

Cliff Richard singing

Cliff Richard in action (pic: PA Archive/PA Images)

Justin’s dad also wrote for Elvis and Ray Charles.

7. Justin loves music and classic cars.

He once told the BBC: “I’m quite into classic cars. I’m quite fascinated by things like that… Film music is so important to me. I was brought up in the music industry.”

Something Special, Justin’s House, Gigglebiz and GiggleQuiz are all shown on CBeebies.

Main pic: EMPICS Entertainment