7 things you didn’t know about BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood

From going on holiday with her BBC Breakfast colleagues to a phobia of mini skirts... we've dug up some fun facts about BBC's Carol Kirkwood.

The lovely Carol Kirkwood has been presenting the weather on BBC Breakfast since joining the team back in 1998, but while we might be used to seeing her on our screens as we eat our toast, what do we really know about the woman who helps us make our wardrobe choices each morning? Here are 7 things you probably didn’t already know about Carol…

1. She comes from a big family 

Carol Kirkwood, born Carol MacKellaig, is a 56-year-old BBC presenter, born in Morar, Inverness-shire, where her parents ran a hotel. She is one of 8 children and attended Lochaber High School in Fort William before going on to Napier University in Edinburgh, where she gained a BA in Commerce. After leaving university she joined the BBC’s secretarial reserve in London, which led to small roles on BBC Radio Scotland, Radio 2 and Radio 4.

2. She goes on holiday with her BBC colleagues

While you might think that spending all day together at work might mean the BBC Breakfast presenting team would be sick the sight of each other, the truth is actually very different. Carol once told express.co.uk: “I go on holiday with Sally Nugent and Steph McGovern each year. And now Dan Walker has joined us – he is such a honey!”

3. She became a weather presenter by accident

7 things you didn't know about BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood

Carol Kirkwood in action presenting the weather

Although we couldn’t imagine waking up to anyone else presenting the weather every morning, Carol has revealed she fell into being a weather presenter by chance. After contacting the BBC about being a Blue Peter presenter when she was 12, she was kindly told that she needed to go back to them when she had a degree. But after leaving uni Carol applied to be a BBC secretary instead. Fast-forward a few years and she was asked to audition for a new presenting role by an old friend – and she got the job! 

4. She lives life in the fast lane

Instead of putting her feet up on her days off, Carol enjoys singing, dancing, fishing, travelling, learning to ice skate for charity and driving fast cars! When she does put her feet up for five minutes, the meteorologist can be found snuggling up with a good book. 

5. She would never wear a mini skirt

Despite looking glam and polished every morning on TV, Carol has body hang ups just like the rest of us. She recently told tv.bt.com: “I think you should wear what you like if it suits you. I wouldn’t wear a mini skirt now is because I don’t like my legs. I’m also conscious of my arms when I do the weather because I spotted them wobbling as I flicked my hand up towards Scotland the other day, so now I move my arms very slowly and gently if I have to point northwards!”

6. She will never leave the BBC

Good news for BBC Breakfast fans is that Carol has confessed she loves her job so much that would never consider leaving. She told mirror.co.uk: “I’d never give up the weather on Breakfast. If they showed me the door I would hang on by my fingernails! So, as long as Breakfast want me, I’ll be there because I love it.”

7. She gets sent rude fan mail

You might think that people like to get in touch with Carol to tell her how much their enjoy her presenting the weather, or to ask where she got a dress that she was wearing from, but the presenter also gets mail of a more saucy kind! She told tv.bt.com: “I never know what to say when people ask me about the pictures, but it is true. I don’t think I’m the only person. I think lots of people get them. It’s not just me. I find it a bit embarrassing. I find talking about it even more embarrassing!”

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