7 things you didn’t know about actress Charlotte Ritchie

From secret singing talents to being part of the Harry Potter cast, there's lots to learn about former Call the Midwife actress Charlotte Ritchie as she joins the cast of Doctor Who...

Actress Charlotte Ritchie became a household name after playing Nurse Barbara Hereward in the nation’s favourite Sunday night drama, Call the Midwife. She will go down in history as the character who met a tragic end after contracting septicaemia, leaving fans across the nation totally heartbroken.

But as Charlotte joins the cast of Doctor Who for the New Year’s Day special, we’ve done some digging to find out more about the actress who plays the new time-travelling companion…

Doctor Who - Charlotte Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie will star in Doctor Who’s New Year special

1. Charlotte was born and bred in London

Charlotte was born on 29th August 1989 in Clapham and went on the attend the James Allen Girl’s School in Dulwich. After joining the Youth Music Theatre UK, she then went to university in Bristol where she studied English and Drama whilst filming comedy series Fresh Meat at the same time. 

2. She is part of a singing group 

Charlotte might be an actress first and foremost, but she is also a talented singer and songwriter, and one of four members or the British classical crossover group, All Angels. The group was put together in 2006 and have sold more than one million albums since they started! 

3. She comes from a very talented family 

Charlotte’s brother is also a singer/songwriter like her. The siblings often collaborate, and share their hauntingly beautiful performances on YouTube, leaving fans thrilled at how talented they are.

4. She was in a Harry Potter film

Charlotte as a bulging CV which boasts shows like Fresh Meat, Doctors, Raised by Wolves and Life of Riley. She was also an extra in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in her early acting days, playing a Slytherin student.

5. Her mum got upset when she quit Call the Midwife 

Charlotte revealed on ITV breakfast show Lorraine that her mum is such a huge fan of Call the Midwife that she was crushed when she revealed she had left the show. The actress confessed that the time: “She’s not happy, but she is very glad that I have done it. She loves the show and she understands!”

Charlotte Ritchie was part of the Call the Midwife cast for three years

6. She would love to do more comedy

While being on Call the Midwife for three years was a dream come true for the actress, Charlotte has confessed that she would love to play comedy roles in the future so that she experiences a real variety of parts. The actress told ITV’s Lorraine Kelly: “I’d like to do something totally different, I did a few comedies a few years ago and so would love to do more of that.”

7. She watched Call the Midwife before joining the show

Charlotte has confessed during another interview with Lorraine back in January 2016 that she always watched the show every Sunday night before joining, and that habit continued once she had joined the cast herself. The actress explained: “Despite the fact that I have ruined the reality for myself, I love the show, it is gorgeous and I watch not to see myself but to find out what’s happening with the other characters.”

Picture credits: Main image: BBC/Neal Street productions, Doctor Who image: BBC / Sophie Mutevelian

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