7 things you didn’t know about Isobel Steele – AKA Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty

From who her best friends are in the Emmerdale cast to her amazing secret talent...

Isobel Steele has been wowing Emmerdale fans with her role as Liv Flaherty since February 2016, and after winning numerous awards for her portrayal of Aaron Dingle’s half sister, we’ve found out what makes the actress behind Emmerdale’s troubled teen really tick…

Isobel has been playing Liv Flaherty since 2016

1. She started acting at just 8 years old

Isobel was born in Salford, Greater Manchester, on the 28 December 2000, and Emmerdale isn’t her first acting job. Before she arrived in the Dales, Isobel appeared in adverts between 2008 and 2010 for Park Foods, Iceland, Harveys Furniture and Bernard Matthews. Following that, she also played the role of Barbara in Our Zoo, and appeared in short film A Father’s Day as Chloe.

2. Danny Miller is like her big brother 

According to Isobel, Danny Miller, who plays Emmerdale’s Aaron and also her on-screen half brother, is like a real life big brother to her as well. When she first joined the show Danny taught Isobel how to organise her scripts in order to make it easier to learn her lines, as well as showing her how to get into character before filming by spending a bit of time preparing back stage. 

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3. She’s an amazing singer and songwriter

Acting isn’t the only talent that Isobel has on her CV – she also writes her own songs and posts videos of her singing them to the 4,500 subscribers on her YouTube channel. The actress told Inside Soap magazine: “It’s just something I have always done. I’ve enjoyed the piano from a young age. I had lessons, and now write songs, so I thought I might as well share them. My music taste varies a lot, but from the start someone who has inspired me is Adele. She writes her own music and is brilliant.”

4. Her younger brother doesn’t like watching her on TV

As well as having Danny Miller acting like a big brother to her, Isobel also has a real life younger brother called Conrad. But don’t go thinking that Conrad is tuning in to watch his sister on Emmerdale at 7pm every evening… Isobel has admitted that while they’re very close and he’s super supportive of what she does, she thinks her brother prefers playing on his Xbox to watching her act on telly! 

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5. Isobel Steele goes on holiday with her Emmerdale co-stars 

You’d think that with their long hours together filming, the Emmerdale cast might be glad to have a break from each other when they go home. But it seems the claims that soap sets are like one big, happy family are true because Isobel likes to go on holiday with co-star buddy Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle Dingle. The pair have been to Copenhagen for the weekend, and now Isobel has got Barcelona, Morocco, New Zealand and America on her list of places to go. 

6. She hates walking the red carpet

While Isobel has revealed she loves going along to big awards dos, she doesn’t enjoy getting glammed up for the occasion. She told Inside Soap magazine: “It’s not my thing at all, I feel more comfortable in joggers. It’s all good fun, though. Everyone thinks there’s rivalry between the soaps, but when you see people at these dos we all have a good time”.

7. She’s a talented photographer

Isobel’s Instagram is full of beautiful images of every day objects that she’s taken and shared with her 66,000 followers. From people to landscapes, it seems the young actress has a real eye for knowing what will make a good picture. You can follow her here: @isobelsteelee

Picture credits: Main image of Isobel Steele – David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock