8 things you need to know about Ethan Hardy’s entanglement with Scott Ellisson’s partner, Leigh-Anne Carr…

Ethan is about to go on a very very dark journey!

If you’ve seen Casualty’s Spring trailer you already know that doctor Ethan Hardy goes on a dark journey that takes him further away from love-interest Alicia Munroe. This week he is shocked when the spectre of Scott Ellisson returns to his life in the form of Scott’s former partner Leigh-Anne Carr. Leigh-Anne is pregnant and gives birth to Scott’s baby, causing a guilt-ridden Ethan to become embroiled in a dark new storyline.

Eager to know more we talked to Casualty star George Rainsford, who plays the doc. He reveals that just when Ethan thought he was out, Scott Ellisson pulls him back in from beyond the grave!

Here are eight things you need to know about Ethan Hardy’s entanglement with Scott Ellisson’s partner, Leigh-Anne Carr…

1. Leigh-Anne is heavily pregnant with Scott Ellisson’s child. Yes, the same Scott Ellisson who killed Ethan’s brother Cal, and who Ethan allowed to die in the ED!

Cal (left) was killed by Scott in a vicious revenge attack

George says: “Scott Ellisson just seems to be one of those names that keeps reappearing. It’s very much unresolved for him… This story is really surprising!”

2. He has no idea who Leigh-Anne is when he helps deliver her baby in Resus.

Baby on board. Holby ED’s medics work together to deliver baby safely

George says: “He meets Leigh-Anne when she comes into the ED in the throes of labour. There’s no time to get her upstairs to obstetrics so she’s rushed into Resus and Ethan helps deliver her baby.”

3. When Ethan finds out that Leigh-Anne is Scott Ellisson’s girlfriend he goes into shock…

He goes into shock when Leigh-Anne reveals her identity

George says: “Leigh-Anne tells Ethan that she doesn’t want to be in Holby because her partner lost his life there. Once Ethan realises who she means, everything flips on its head.”

4. Leigh-Anne gives birth to a baby boy, who she calls Kiegan Scott, after his dad.

Scott had no idea he was going to become a dad

George says: “At first he doesn’t want to deal with the guilt that he’s left this woman without a partner and her baby without a father. The consequences of his actions really hit home.”

5. As well as having no family support Leigh-Anne is made homeless hours before going into labour. This fact propels Ethan into helping Leigh-Anne and her son.

Father figure. He has a change of heart

George says: “When Connie found out about Scott Ellisson, Ethan was prepared to hand himself in to the police but Connie advised he would be better to make amends by being a better person from now on. This is why Ethan decides to do his best for Leigh-Anne, who’s been turfed out of her flat. But being Ethan he overcooks it!”

6. When Ethan begins to help Leigh-Anne in unprecedented ways, she becomes wary of his motives almost immediately…

Vulnerable Leigh-Anne is protective of Kiegan and wary of Ethan

George says: “At this stage Leigh-Anne thinks something’s amiss. Ethan offers her money and to come round and help. His misplaced help probably seems a bit creepy!”

7. Leigh-Anne is played by Cassie Bradley who is going to be part of the Casualty family for the foreseeable, as Leigh-Anne becomes a big part of Ethan’s life.

George says: “He sees Leigh-Anne and Kiegan as his chance for redemption. It starts with him looking after the baby he’s brought safely into the world, and beyond that he wants to help Leigh-Anne. Cassie comes in to Casualty for a while, so it’s not the last we’ll see of her.”

8. Cassie has also appeared in BBC1’s Doctors but is best known for her stage work. Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes cast her in King Lear at the Royal National Theatre.

George says: “Cassie is a brilliant actor. This is a really good story and is quite surprising. We’ve really tried to make it even more surprising by showing that Ethan and Leigh-Anne have things in common and actually get on in a weird kind of way.”

Casualty continues on BBC1 this Saturday

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