A fan will get to create a monster for Primeval 3

Producers of ITV hit Primeval have created a unique competition – a fan will get to design a monster which the CGI team will bring to life on the next series.

ITV announced that Primeval will return for a third series in 2009 – and to celebrate, fans can submit their futuristic creature ideas for the online competition.

The competition will run this year between January 29 and April 7 and the winner will see their design brought to life on screen for the team from the ARC to fight in an episode of series three.

Exec producer Tim Haines said: “[Primeval’s] popularity demonstrates that you can create ‘characters’ in CGI that audiences will respond to. By giving people the opportunity to design a monster for the third series we’re creating a chance for them to be more involved and feel closer to the programme.”

Log on to the Primeval website; details of the competition will appear soon.

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