A new face turns heads in tonight’s Towie!

As latest series of The Only Way Is Essex continues on ITVBe tonight, there are some sexy new faces on the scene – Jake Hall and his ex-girlfriend Chloe Lewis.

Jake gets heads turning when he arrives to help his friend James ‘Arg’ Argent continue on his mission to shed the pounds and fit, toned and lovely. There’s something about Jake that gets the girls – and some guys – of Essex hot under the collar. But what is it? Could it be his resemblance to Christian Grey – the kinky character in Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Meanwhile, it’s International Women’s Day so the girls decide there’s only one way to mark the occasion and that’s with a party! In preparation, the ladies – and Bobby – make a last-minute attempt to get in shape for the bash by attending a fitness class that seems to involve wearing stilettos! Getting into the ‘Girl Power’ spirit, the Bobster embraces the idea and slips into a pair of high-heeled shoes!

At the bash, Jake finds himself face to face with Chloe at the bar. Will things be awkward for the couple? And it looks like Nana gets the fright of her life when she gets a massage from a sexy fella! Could it be anyone we know?

Elsewhere, things aren’t all sweetness and light for Tommy and Georgia. Frustrated by Tommy spending too much time on his business, Georgia gets tearful when they talk through their problems. Will they be able to work things out? Also,
 it’s been months since Chloe fell out with her brother Charlie so she offers her little bro an olive branch but will he take it? She asks him to meet her but it looks like he may be a no-show…

And if there weren’t enough “ag” already, Lydia has fallen out with her mum Debbie over Arg so the usually super-close mother and daughter talk things through. And things soon come to a head when he spots them having coffee with Jess and her mum Carol and Debbie decides to confront him about his treatment of her daughter…



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