A quick chat with chatty man, Alan Carr

The Sunday Night Project host Alan Carr reveals all about his new Channel 4 talk show, Chatty Man…

Tell us about your new show, Chatty Man…

“I’m not looking to reinvent the chat show. At first I thought: ‘How can we make this different? Should I be swinging from the chandeliers?’ But then I decided to keep it like a normal chat show.”

Who is your dream guest?

“I have a list! I’d love to chat to Grace Jones. Hopefully, she’d end up attacking me and then I’d become really famous like Russell Harty. I’ll do anything for publicity!”

Why did you decide to have a go at hosting a chat show?

“The chat show is a good format for me. It’s about having an opinion, chatting to people and finding out what makes them tick.”

You’ve been trying a few other things too, including writing a book. Do you have any plans to write another one?

“My autobiography has done very well – it’s sold almost half a million copies. If I’ve got something else worth writing, maybe I’ll do it again, but you need highs and lows. I’ll wait till the alcoholism kicks in and then write about my decline.”

So what else is in the pipeline?

“I’m preparing for another stand-up tour next year. Stand-up comedy is thriving at the moment. Frank Skinner is hosting a Credit Crunch Cabaret where the tickets are £10. In the current climate, people want a laugh.”

Anything else?

“I’m doing more work for Channel 4 at the end of the year. That makes me sound like a Polish contractor, doesn’t it? I’ll either be hoovering or dusting.”

Do you still hang out with your Sunday Night Project co-host, Justin Lee Collins?

“I have a fierce rivalry with Justin Lee Collins. We’re like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? I’m peeved with Justin at the moment. We made a pact to stay fat, but I saw him recently and he’s flipping thin! How dare he!”

Chatty Man screens on Sunday evenings on Channel 4

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