Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page talks vampires, pigs and dancing…

G.O.L.D. starts repeating series two of Gavin & Stacey this week. What was your highlight of filming that?
“It has to be the barn dance. I was gutted I couldn’t wear a cowboy outfit. Seeing Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon doing the karaoke was hilarious.”

The show became so well-loved during its three series. What’s the secret of its success?
“I think viewers related to the show because the characters are so down to earth. The relationship between Gavin and Smithy is just like so many boys’ friendships.”

What was it like on your last day?
“It was awful. At the end of the day, Ruth and I looked like frogs. Our eyes were so swollen from weeping.”

Which other character would you like to have played?
“Nessa would have been good fun. I once put on her dark wig while not wearing make-up. It was hilarious, but I looked horrendous. I said they should write an episode where I come in as Nessa’s cousin.”

Do people shout the catchphrases at you in the street?
“All the time. They’re always saying, ‘What’s occurrin’?’ or ‘Tidy’ or ‘Crackin’. Boys often ask me to tell them they’re ‘lush’.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?
“I’d love to have been a ballerina. I wanted to apply for dance college, but I was never good enough. I’d love to go on Strictly. I have this vision that I’d be stunning, but I’d probably end up falling over.”

What are your ambitions acting-wise?
“A drama like Cracker or Prime Suspect – the grittier the better. I love crime dramas and I’ve just filmed a Marple. I was over the moon because I got to discover a body and do some screaming. I’d like to be in True Blood, too. It’s my favourite programme and I fancy all the vampires.”

Do you still get star-struck?
“I was really star-struck when I met Julia McKenzie, who plays Miss Marple. And I went through the entire first series of Gavin & Stacey without being able to talk to Alison Steadman because I idolised her so much.”

What’s next?
“I’m filming My Pet Shame for Sky1 about pets with embarrassing problems. Yesterday I met a mini-pig with bad breath who was adorable.”