This Morning‘s new co-presenter Holly Willoughby discusses her hectic new schedule and how she fits motherhood around it…

How are things at the moment? Hectic?
“Well, it is just as well that I�m quite an organised person, especially since having a baby. But the truth is that I�m living in this kind of happy bubble. On the work front I�ve just been handed my number one dream job and at home I have a new baby who has put everything in my life into perspective. I find myself blubbing, ‘Ooh, I do love him so much. How can I feel this way about somebody?’ I now totally understand how my mum felt about me. The penny has finally dropped.”

How do you feel about stepping into Fern�s shoes?
“Nobody can replace Fern, of course. For a start the relationship that she had with Phil was amazing. I watched it as a viewer and loved their on-screen chemistry. But when you come in to replace anyone�s job you can�t try to recreate that person. All you can do is bring yourself and hope that viewers see you as something fresh and that they like you. On a show like This Morning you�d never get away with trying to be something that you�re not � you�d be found out in a moment.”

What do you think has been the secret of your success?
“When you take away all the fluff, what you�re left with is the fact that I�m, well …just little bit nosey. Yes, that�s one of my major qualifications.”

What about working with Phil?
“Fortunately, Phil and I already have a great working relationship. On screen each of us knows how the other ticks � all of which is going to make my job at This Morning so much easier. Also, I love the freshness and the honesty of live TV. Nothing can compare with it.”

How has marriage changed you?
“I absolutely love being married. Before, Dan was my partner, but now, he�s family and that�s a big, big change. And from that family we�ve now created Harry, too, and that makes it doubly special. I�m lucky too that I�m married to someone who completely understands the day-to-day life of someone who works on TV, including the busy schedule, suddenly being called to a late meeting and the working at weekends. But the great thing about having a small baby is that they can go with you, whereas by the time they go to school it�s a bit more difficult.”

Do you have help?
“Fortunately, my mum, who�s been absolutely brilliant, was able to come with me and look after Harry in the wings while I worked. Then I�d rush back and feed him and run out to work again. It was slightly crazy. But I wanted to work and to be able to carry on feeding him at the same time. Part of the attraction of This Morning, is that I will be finishing work by lunchtime each day. From that point of view alone it�s absolutely the perfect job because I still get to be Holly on The Telly and to keep my career going, but then I have the whole afternoon to be a mum with Harry at home. I always said to Dan that when we had children This Morning would be the ideal job. And then completely out of the blue the job was offered to me at exactly the right time!”