A quick chat with Joanna Page

Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page tells us why she is helping owners with pets that make them blush!

What made you want to do this show?

“I get asked to present lots of things and I just thought that this would be great because I love animals. I just love presenting a show when I’m passionate about the subject, and if it’s helping animals and all their weird, wonderful and ridiculous problems, then I’m well up for it – it’s great fun.”

Are you still going to be acting?

“I’m going back into acting. But I think I can do both acting and presenting. I’m very impulsive, if another presenting job comes along and I thought, ‘that’s just up my street’, I’d definitely do it. But I am an actress first and foremost. Acting is my complete and utter love.”

You have a 10-year-old Jack Russell called Daisy. You must have a special affection for dogs?

“Definitely. I voted three times for dancing dog Chandi in this years Britain’s Got Talent and cried in the Toto auditions in Over The Rainbow. And Daisy is a joy.”

Any embarrassing moments with her?

“When I got her – and I’d like to say, I only kept her in a top floor flat with no garden for a week and I would recommend that nobody else does that! – but I took her into the house and I was trying to house train her. I remember the first time she ever did a poo in the kitchen she backed up so close to the wall that she ended up doing her business and it stood on the wall. It was this little poo and it was stuck to the wall and I just remember thinking, ‘Oh my God!'”

What would Daisy say about you?

“My mother fusses me too much, she embarrasses me in public because she tries to kiss me on the mouth, she forces me to sleep in bed with her, she carries me round all the time and she dresses me up in a Spiderman outfit. Basically that I suffocate her!”

Here are a few of the embarrassing pets that Joanna meets…

Dillon – this dotty Dalmatian is terrified of his own shadow. The spotty pooch is in serious need of a confidence boost.

Moog – a cat with a serious flatulence problem! Is it diet, her way of getting rid of her owner’s girlfriends, or could it be stress?

Millie – is a house rabbit who chews everything in her path. Could walks in the park and a few toys help this destroyer bunny to calm her ways?

My Pet Shame starts on July 14 at 8pm on Sky1.

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