Liverpudlian stand-up comic John Bishop gets his own prime-time show…

A regular on panel shows such as A League of Their Own and 8 Out Of 10 Cats, John has landed his own Saturday-night BBC1 show, John Bishop’s Britain, in which he reflects on issues such as dating and parenthood, and swaps stories with a celebrity guest and the great British public. We caught up with him to find out more…

The people on this show are not Big Brother-type lunatics… We wanted people who were gregarious enough to want to appear, but not so off the wall that nobody can relate to them.

When I started out doing stand-up, I behaved as if I was talking to my mates in the pub… That’s what my show is like – as if I’m having a conversation, rather than telling a load of jokes I’ve memorised.

British humour is based on failure… And even though I’m more successful now, I still have the ability to cock a lot of things up.

Being a Liverpool supporter now is like being in a Catholic marriage was 30 years ago… You hate each other, but you’re stuck and there’s nothing you can do about it.

My next stand-up tour is called the Sunshine Tour… When things were really picking up this year somebody said, “This is your time in the sunshine”. I’m enjoying life and I want to reflect that.

Scousers want to laugh… When I started doing the clubs in Liverpool, I realised they want you to be funny. In London, you’ve got to prove yourself and work harder to make people laugh.

After a gig, I go home with a good book… If I were a younger man on tour, I’d be in the Jacuzzi with the Sugababes.

I do quite a lot of corporate events… You turn up at something like the Kitchen Utensil Awards and think: “Do you lot all honestly believe this is the best fork in the country?”

I can’t see myself ever doing voiceovers… Can you imagine “Vorsprung durch Technick” in my accent?

This is the third-best job in the world… The order goes rock star, footballer, comedian.

I went to the Cannes film festival because I’m in Ken Loach’s new film… After the screening I went back to the hotel, bought a cigar and a bottle of wine, went out onto the balcony overlooking the harbour and thought: “I’ve done all right”.