A quick chat with Johnny Vegas

He’s already mates with Johnny Depp. Now Benidorm star Johnny Vegas is having tea with rock legend Paul ‘the Modfather’ Weller and sharing a bed with soap star and Strictly Come Dancing winner Kara Tointon – well, in the guise of his Ideal character, drug dealer Moz, at least.

As the comedy returns to BBC3 for its seventh series on Thursday, May 26, TV&Satellite Week magazine popped round to see Vegas for some recreational chat…

We got Paul Weller and Kara Tointon to guest star in the new series as part of Moz’s perfect night in… The previous time I met Weller, I’d been up all night drinking and had a Captain America logo drawn on my head and was using a paper plate as a shield. I thought that might have put him off working with me.

My own perfect night in would be more family-oriented these days… It would be with my wife and son, having the family round for a dinner party where everybody uses paper plates and plastic cutlery. My needs have changed.

Like Kara, I have been approached by Strictly Come Dancing… But I turned them down. Imagine if I went on it and the judges said: “You’ve got no rhythm, and you’re so unlikeable!” My fragile ego couldn’t take it. My dancing looks awkward. I look like I’ve soiled myself.

Rula Lenska also appears in this series as the head of a violent gang of ginger-haired people called The Red Mist… They kill people and stuff their necks with chocolate.

Ideal isn’t so much a show as a cry for help… It’s therapy for the writer, Graham Duff, who plays Brian. I often think it must be quite a weird world for our guest stars to enter.

Life’s good, and I’m enjoying my work… I’m currently doing a play set behind the scenes at a shopping channel. Emma Fryer, who plays Tania in Ideal, is in it along with Kevin Eldon. It will be broadcast live on the shopping channel Ideal World.

I turned 40 this year… I had a mid-life crisis which manifested itself in buying a four-berth camper van. I’d like to think I’ve matured, but it would be interesting to take a straw poll of my nearest and dearest.

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