Kate Thornton explains why her new job as co-presenter of Loose Women is the purrfect position for her…

Why do you think Loose Women is the job for you?
“I never shut up! Plus it embraces women from all walks of life, backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes – that, in itself, is unique. In those early, fuzzy days of motherhood, Loose Women was sometimes the only grown-up conversation I’d hear all day. The panel are exactly how my friends are, I think they hold up a mirror to women in Britain full stop.”

So you are looking forward to starting?
“Oh yes! Your brain, your weight and your pelvic floor – you kiss them goodbye for 12 months. As well as getting your body back into shape you have to work on your mind. You think: ‘Come on, you are still part of the human race, you can function. Let’s find out what Gordon Brown’s up to!’ I do have a different news agenda now I am a parent, though. I can’t stop thinking about the woman in America who was found alive after 18 years.”

Who would you like to interview at the moment?
“Arlene Phillips. One thing you never see is what a powerhouse she is. Arlene is 66 years old and works a seven-day week, but never short-changes her family – she’s an incredible mum. When she lost her job on Strictly I felt very empathetic having worn those shoes myself a few years back when I left The X Factor. But that was not her day job. She’s still one of the world’s most in-demand choreographers.”

Why do you think the show is so successful?
“You need people who have experienced a lot of life. This would be a very different show if it was populated by skinny 20-somethings. Like everybody on the panel, I have had some incredible experiences in my life and I’ve had to pick myself up and dust myself down a few times. I’ve had my fill of humble pie.”

Is there an initiation ceremony to go through?
“Apparently it’s like going on a rugby tour. They take you out and get you hopelessly drunk! I am strangely excited by the prospect of ending up in Planet Kebabs at 2am on a Monday night with the Loose Women girls!”