A quick chat with Lewis star Laurence Fox

As a new series of Lewis (ITV1, Sunday) begins TV Times magazinetalks to Laurence Fox about his on-screen relationship with Kevin Whately and family life

We noticed you using an iPad. Are you keen on technology

“Yes, it’s useful for reading scripts on. You constantly get little amendments so it’s great when you don’t have to put them all in yourself – now I can seem organised!”

Is Kevin the same?

“Oh no, he doesn’t believe in technology. For him the olden days were better when there was no hot water and people ate newspaper!”

You obviously have a laugh with each other, so how would you describe your working relationship

“It’s like a marriage – we just spend more time together and find each other less and less irritating. Saying that, you’d have to do something pretty horrific to annoy Kev. He’s of the old school – he likes being at work and doing things properly.”

What else do you love about the job?

“The city itself. I love it. Not many dramas have the production values that this show has and being in Oxford is the best part of the job by miles.”

Do you enjoy the attention the role brings?

“All I know is that I signed 100 cards for the guy who does my fanmail a few years ago. He’s constantly asking Billie [Piper, Laurence’s actress wife] for refills, but he’s never asked me! But Lewis does really well overseas. A guy came up to me in Florida and said, ‘I love Inspector Marsh – Donald Whately is a great actor!’ We have people from all around the world coming up to us while we’re filming.”

Last time we visited the Lewis set, you told us you were looking forward to taking son Winston on your fishing trips. So how is it going?

“Unfortunately Winston’s scared of fish and so is Baxter my dog so it’s quite a solitary situation! He and Billie have come to Oxford a few times, but we’ve learned that sticking a two-year old in a room with you at night and getting up early doesn’t work. Usually Winston lies in the middle of our bed kicking me, so it doesn’t do anyone any favours.”

Still you seem a very proud dad…

“Winston’s amazing. He ran straight into the sea yesterday and got smashed by a wave, then he was off running down the beach and flirting with girls. He’s also showing signs of becoming a cleaning lady. He makes a mess and then clears it up for you – he’s even got his own little mop, which he loves more than anything. The packaging had a picture of a girl on it, but he didn’t care!”

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