You’ve seen the amateurs and the celebs. Now watch the pros get the Masterchef treatment as Michel Roux Jr – interviewed here by – returns with a new series of MasterChef: The Professionals.

Each week, the foodie favourite pits three qualified chefs against each other in a series of gruelling cookery challenges. Only one person can make it through to the next round, and the judges are frighteningly exacting. The show’s big cheese is Michel Roux Jr, a world-famous chef with two Michelin stars and a top London eatery, Le Gavroche, to his name. Alongside him are MasterChef veteran Gregg Wallace and Michel’s personal sous chef, Monica Galetti.

“These young chefs aspire to Michelin standard – they want to achieve greatness and they’re under immense pressure,” says Michel, who believes The Professionals is the toughest of all the MasterChef shows.

“These are young chefs who are professionals – it’s their life, it’s their bread and butter. And they see this show as a career opportunity, so it’s immense, it’s really intense, and it’s for real.”

With any luck, says Michel, the show may even uncover a superstar: “Being a judge on MasterChef is an immense pleasure because we may get to uncover a rough diamond, or a gem, or a talent for the future. And that excites me.”