Miranda chats about the second series of her hit BBC2 sitcom Miranda

Miranda, you’re in the middle of writing the second series of your hit BBC2 sitcom Miranda. Can tell us anything about it?
“Well, I might fall over, I can reveal that exclusively! We’re filming in October, and I feel a lot of pressure, because I can’t believe how well it went down. I’m still in shock!”

What first inspired Miranda?
“I always hark back to the 70s, Eric Morecambe would be my complete hero. Seeing him looking to camera and doing something silly with his glasses, I remember thinking how I would love to do that one day. I want to bring that light entertainment into a contemporary sitcom – although it was risky to do it in 2010, when it feels so old-fashioned.”

And this week you’re a guest on BBC1’s Would I Lie To You. Do you enjoy being a panellist?
“I still find it odd when they want me to appear. It has yet to become something that I take for granted. I still can’t believe I’m in the industry that I always wanted to get into. It is amazing. This has been my ambition since I was six – it is literally a dream come true.”

But what about the pressure being funny when you’re surrounded by comedians? Doesn’t it get a little competitive?
“Weirdly not on this show. When I’ve been on Have I Got News For You, I felt that pressure to be funny as soon as the music started. But Would I Like To You is a joy. It is more like a parlour game with friends. I feel as though I’m round at Lee Mack’s having a laugh. I’m often nervous as the only woman, but on WILTY it doesn’t cross my mind – it’s not six male stand-ups vying for the next line.”