Eric Stonestreet on the joys of playing a very Modern father…

Long before Elton John and David Furnish, another gay couple, Modern Family’s Cameron and Mitchell, were already sharing double daddy duty, raising their adopted daughter Lily.

As the hit comedy returns to Sky1 from its mid-series break, actor Eric Stonestreet, who plays flamboyant stay-at-home father Cameron, tells TV&Satellite Week magazine why it’s a humbling experience to be part of a show that has stuck a chord with so many…

Our show is relatable to all cultures… Family is a universal theme. I knew our show was expanding when I realised I could only understand about a third of the tweets about it. They are all in different languages.

The chemistry between me and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, comes from a really unique place called desperation for your career… We realised this was a great show and we had a really great opportunity to have an awesome relationship on the show, and the chemistry comes from that place.

The writers take things from our lives and use them in the story… There is this great blurring of myself and Cameron. Like me, he is from a rural area – I grew up with pigs and cows that I was feeding every morning and every night after school.

I stop Cameron from going over the top by thinking about my mother… My mother is a very passionate, excitable person and I felt like there were qualities in Cameron that she also possessed. I try to keep Cameron grounded in reality by checking in with her.

Me and Sofia Vegara, who plays Gloria, are very similar… My sense of humour comes from the way I look, getting made fun of for being a chubby kid. Sofia is the same. She grew up a beautiful person and has embraced it, That’s where her sense of humor comes from.

Winning an Emmy was pretty humbling… I have been a working actor for 14 years and my longest job before this was eight days. This is the longest employment I have ever had, so everything else is utter gravy – and I love gravy!