Phillip Schofield reveals all about working with Holly, spending time with the family and being a TV sex symbol!

So The Cube is back. What do you enjoy about hosting it?
“The Cube is the most intense show I host. When I get home I find it difficult to get to sleep because of the adrenaline pumping through my body! People are winning and losing life-changing amounts of money. This year, one man actually lifted me up above his head and spun me round when he won, which was a terrifying moment. He was very pleased!”

Do you think you could beat The Cube?
“No. It finds your weaknesses and tricks you into thinking you can do stuff that you can’t. It’s very clever. I reckon I could take a few thousand pounds out of it, but I’d stand about as much chance as everybody else.”

And last week you and Holly returned with This Morning. Are you still enjoying working with her?
“I adore Holly and so does the team – we’ve had a terrific year together. It was tough because I had such a great relationship with Fern, but from the minute she decided to leave, Holly was the obvious choice. She’s great fun and she’s got a brilliant sense of humour. Holly herself admits that it was a bit of a daunting task at first, in fact she was terrified for the first week, but then she fitted beautifully into place and before we knew it we thought, ‘Oh my God, we could have been doing this for years.'”

Where do you think you get that special chemistry from?
“Because off screen we are firm friends. What’s lovely is that I know Dan, Holly’s husband and they know Steph, my wife. We’ve had some really lovely nights out together – and some fairly raucous ones, too!”

So you are still loving the early mornings?
“I love the job because it’s very much light and shade – one minute you’re covering something that is desperately sad and the next minute it’s completely bonkers. You can be throwing black puddings and then interviewing the Prime Minister. The This Morning viewers are incredibly loyal and there is a responsibility with that. The show is about to enter its 22nd year – there are other people who did the show and there will be other presenters after us. You want to keep it fresh and entertaining on your watch, so that when you leave it, it’s in good shape for whoever comes next.”

Why are you such a fan of Twitter?
“I love Twitter because it’s so immediate. I always have my iPad on the table in front of me in the studio, which means that I have direct access to the people watching the show and what they’re saying. Twitter is very much the 21st century fan mail. But you can never get too big for your boots on there, people are always happy to be very honest!”

Do you still get attention from female fans?
“Some. It’s incredibly flattering. How can I be anything other than very thankful that that’s still happening after all these years?”

Did you have a great summer with your family? (Wife Steph and daughters Molly, 17 and Ruby, 14)
“Great. The girls are getting older and the amount of time that they want to spend with their parents is going to get less and less, so we take whatever days we can when we’re all together. I try to put a big flag in the summer and say, ‘this is the time of the year that’s mine’. I turn my phone off, so even if there was a great offer it would be very hard to find me. It probably goes back to growing up when I had summer holidays in Cornwall – I loved the sun and the sea. I never forget quite how lucky I am to be able to take a month off in the summer.”

Are there any other shows round the corner?
“You never know what’s around the corner. I had no plans to do a show that involved standing outside a large cube with people playing simple games. I hadn’t considered for a moment that I might end up being a This Morning presenter. As much as you try to plan your career there will always be something that surprises you. At the moment I’m really happy with the shows that I’ve got, but if a new challenge comes up then you’ve got to be open to it and be adventurous.”