A quick chat with Sharon Osbourne

The America’s Got Talent judge talks germs, implants and life with Ozzy…

How are you enjoying being a judge on America’s Got Talent?

“It’s great to see the contestants totally change their lives. It’s an amazing feeling to help someone go to a better place and fulfil their dreams.”

How do you get along with new judge Howie Mandel?

“I miss David Hasselhoff, who brought a lot of heart to the show, but Howie is unbelievably quick and funny.”

How does his mysophobia (fear of germs) affect your working relationship?

“On the first day I sneezed and he literally ran 50 feet. Now, if he goes on and on talking, I threaten to lick his face and that makes him stop. I love to get a reaction from him.”

Did you enjoy writing your first novel, Revenge?

“I’m never going to go down in history like Charles Dickens, but it’s a good summer read. I’d love to spend the rest of my life writing novels and living with my dogs. I’m modelling myself on Barbara Cartland.”

You’ve announced you’ll be having surgery to get rid of your breast implants

“I’m doing it this summer. The implants are horrible. You’ve got these floaty, foreign things in your body. I can’t wait to get them out.”

How do you cope with your heavy workload?

“Recently I’ve felt I am doing too much, so I want to slow down. I’m doing a project with my daughter Kelly, then I’m taking the rest of the year off. I’m going on the road with Ozzy who’s touring for the next 18 months.”

Is it true there’s going to be movie about Ozzy’s life?

“Yes, it’s based on his autobiography. We have a producer and we have lots of money to make it. I want Carey Mulligan or Rachel Weisz to play me.”

How do you relax?

“My perfect day is to lie in bed with my husband and my dogs, with my computer, cellphones, magazines and TV. Ozzy’s always saying to me, ‘How can you read, watch TV and look at the computer all at the same time?’”

Are you and Ozzy environmentally conscious at home?

“I try to turn the lights out and not let the taps run too long. But if I said that I run a green home, I’d be lying.”

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