Former Never Mind the Buzzcocks presenter Simon Amstell takes a swipe at himself – and his north London Jewish family – in his new six-part sitcom for BBC2, Grandma’s House (Monday, August 9)…

How heavily based on your family is Grandma’s House?
“It’s inspired by elements of various people I know. It’s written in such a way we want people to ask the question, ‘How much of this is real?’ And it’s not a question I’m interested in resolving!”

How autobiographical did you want it to be? Essentially you’re playing yourself – how much of the real you will we see?
“I don’t know where to draw from other than myself and my issues. It’s a version of me – it’s all the worst bits of me!”

What are the worst bits of you?
“I’m too judgmental, too anxious, too desperate to fix the world, fix this family, unable to let things be. I’m a control freak, narcissistic, claustrophobic, I’m quite snobby, lonely and… self-deprecating!”

Has anyone in your family seen it?
“My mum’s seen it and she seems to like it, but she likes me being on television!”

Are any of the plots based on true incidents?
“All the plots are completely invented narratives. I was constantly being told that truth comes from character rather than plot. Although I did moon my grandmother when I was a teenager, which is mentioned in an episode!”

How do you feel about it being described as ‘the Jewish Royle Family’?
“For me The Royle Family was the last really good family sitcom. If people want to describe it in this way it’s fine, but it’s odd. Jewish seems less relevant to me than a conflicting family with an anxious person visiting every couple of weeks and trying to fix them. It feels very strange for it to be classified in this way. For me it’s about acceptance, not about being Jewish.”

Are you nervous about the public’s reaction?
“I guess some people will like it. But I think a lot of people won’t be keen on it. It wasn’t made with anyone in mind. We made it because we thought it was interesting and funny. I don’t know really. If it doesn’t go well I might have to leave the country!”