A quick chat with The Gadget Show’s Suzi Perry

Gadget queen Suzi Perry tells us the one gadget she couldn’t live without and how The Gadget Show is still an ‘entertaining fun-fest’.

Now in its 15th series, what do you think is the secret to The Gadget Show’s success?

“I think we are now living in tech-ravenous times! When we began the show consumer gadgets were about to become ‘must have’ items rather than luxury pieces and we have been surfing this trend. Along with that, the show has evolved from a rather, dare I say, nerdy 30 minutes to a full-on factually entertaining fun-fest. Jase, and I have been there from day one and I think that our relationship on screen reflects that long-bound chemistry; we know each other very well to the point where sometimes we are like a bickering brother and sister! We also have an incredible production team behind us who keep the ideas flowing.”

How do you ensure that you keep the series fresh?

“Sometimes we feel as though we are covering old ground, but after seven years I guess that’s normal. We try to test gadgets in a fun way that still remains true to real life, if a little extreme at times! We all genuinely have fun and I think that’s vital for the success, especially as we now make 38 shows a year.”

What’s the best thing about being a presenter on the show?

“The opportunity to test technology as it evolves and the chance to experience things we never would outside the show, like directing pop videos, making an app, becoming an avatar, night flying in a Chinook, diving in a personal submarine, bridge-jumping etc – honestly the list is endless.”

Do you ever have to keep the boys in check!?

“Ha ha, sometimes I suppose, especially Jason who is the most competitive person I know.”

What do you think is the best value-for-money gadget?

“Something you use several times a day that makes your life easier, anything from the ubiquitous smart phone to the good old fashioned toaster.”

Is there one gadget you couldn’t live without?

“My pocket computer, my iPhone. Let’s be honest, smartphones have been the best thing since sliced bread. They are our hub for communication and personal entertainment and, as much as I love to switch everything off and become invisible for a while, I also love the ease of having my entire world in my handbag.”

If you could invent your own gadget what would it be?

“A teleporter for travel (my family live in France so I spend weekends there and work in the UK every week).”

Are you an iPhone or Blackberry user?

“I use both. The Blackberry for work emails and my iPhone for everything else.”

You also host the Ideal Home show, what is your favourite home gadget?

“I’m a big fan of the Fisher and Paykel cooldrawer. It has five different cooling settings, so you can chill a bottle of wine really quickly or keep food at a pantry temperature – so it stays good for longer. I’m also a big fan of Sonos – which is a great way to wirelessly stream music around the home. It connects to your library but also the internet, so with a subscription to Spotify the music possibilities are endless. You can have different music in each room, which is great in our house because I have a 14-year-old stepdaughter and a Dutch husband so our tastes vary, a lot.”

Last year, The Gadget Show set the Guinness World Record for the largest game of Tetris – will you be attempting any more world records this year?

“Yes, Jason is having a go, but I can’t reveal any more details, and possibly as a group we may try something for our ‘Surprise’ show. It’s always a challenge and joyous if we actually get a record, that’s the kid in me – I’m glad I never grew up!”

The Gadget Show screens Mondays at 8pm on Channel 5.