A Seasonal Movie Talk Card from Groundhog Day

TEASER: How long does Phil spend in Groundhog Day?

Well, it’s actually a question without a definitive answer. Poor weatherman Phil (Bill Murray) finds himself re-living the 2nd Feb for what seems like only a week or so when you’re watching Groundhog Day, but there are actually 42 accountable days if you take the time to work it out.

Even more surprisingly, some people have calculated the time that Phil spends in Groundhog Day based on how long it might actually take for a person to achieve the things he achieves in the movie – piano playing , ice sculpting, learning French. On this basis, the estimated time spent is eight to ten years, but some have argued that it’s probably more likely to be 30 to 40 years.

Can you imagine? When you think about that, you have to admire poor Phil even more for what he goes through in this brilliant movie.

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