‘Did anyone else see him?!’ Coronation Street fans convinced Pat Phelan made his return to Weatherfield

Did you spot the evil mastermind?

There was a shock twist during Friday evening’s Coronation Street as the evil Pat Phelan appeared to make his return to Weatherfield.

While tense scenes saw Eileen Grimshaw suffer at the hands of a mystery stalker, eagle-eyed viewers claimed to see her murdering husband Pat in a car zooming past his estranged wife.

But blink, and you might have missed him!

The tense scenes started as fans watched a terrified Eileen being tormented after she had her car tyres slashed and someone break into her house.

But after Seb’s mum Abi revealed she was secretly sleeping in Eileen’s home, someone else was seen watching Eileen from outside.

Viewers then saw a creepy figure with black leather gloves putting a key under the flower pot in the back garden as they walked away.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw and Nicola Rubinstein hear a noise in the house

But despite the secret intruder not being revealed, some fans are convinced Pat has returned to take his revenge on Eileen, especially when they claim to have seen him driving by the house.

“Was that Phelan driving down the street then?”, one ITV viewer tweeted.

Another said: “Did anyone else spot Pat Phelan driving by as Eileen was talking to Sebs mum?”

While a third asked: “#CoronationStreet anyone else see pat phelan drive last in the black toypta has Eileen was out arguing in the street.”

And they weren’t the only ones…

Although some fans are a little more skeptical, as one wrote: “I don’t think it’s Phelan, they’re tryna make it seem as if it is but it’s not!”

While a second agreed: “It’s not Phelan, too obvious. I’ll take a guess that it is someone else. Not sure who yet but it’s not Phelan.”

This comes after Phelan – aka Connor McIntyre – was seen watching Eileen and his daughter Nicola on TV as she made an appeal to free Anna Windass on Wednesday.

The evil murderer then sniffed from his hotel room: “You’re all bessies now… all bessie mates now.”

Lobbing the remote control on his bed, he then called reception, saying: “Hello Mrs Gillan, it’s Alan Frost. I’m ever so sorry to disturb your book club but I’ll be checking out tomorrow.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.