Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are returning with a new series of wacky current affairs show The Last Leg and although Adam has no idea which celebrities will be appearing, he knows who his dream guest is.

“I’d love to get David Cameron on the show!” says the comic. “Apparently he and Samantha used to stay up late to watch the show during the Olympics so I know he’s a fan. I’m not sure his press team would let him though!”

Next month the guys will spend their Friday nights dissecting the biggest news stories from around the world in front of a live studio audience with the help of a few celebrity guests.

Adam’s chances of getting the Prime Minister on the show will be dealt a substantial blow if David Cameron’s people watched Boris Johnson’s appearance last year.

“Boris was great fun, but when he was on the show we invited the viewers to change our Wikipedia pages,” says Adam. “We were keeping an eye on ours, but we didn’t realise people had started to mess around with Boris’s pages too.”

“Someone changed his so it said he was the illegitimate father of Josh! It stayed up for quite a while because no one thought to check and Boris wasn’t best pleased. I’d say Josh was more offended though!”

After launching during the 2012 Paralympic Games, The Last Leg is now in its fifth series and Adam scooped the Best Breakthrough Act at last December’s British Comedy Awards on the back of its success

“Alex was a bit angry when I won that,” says Adam. “He said ‘You’ve been doing stand-up for over a decade and you’ve also appeared on Mock The Week for the last couple of years! How are you a breakthrough act!’

“I was actually in Australia at the time and couldn’t make the award show so I filmed a speech in which Paul Hogan gave me the award. I’m not sure what I was more chuffed about winning the award or the fact that Crocodile Dundee gave it to me!”

The Last Leg premieres on Channel 4 on Friday, August 1.