Adrian Chiles: Brummie beats plummy accent

Adrian Chiles has claimed that his strong Birmingham accent is the secret to his success.

The One Show presenter, who also hosts Match of the Day 2 and The Apprentice You’re Fired!, said that he wouldn’t have made it so far in broadcasting if he had attempted to disguise his Brummie tones.

Writing in The Sun, Chiles said: “All I’ve ever done in my life, socially or professionally, is exceed the low expectations that are part and parcel of having a Birmingham accent.

“I’m absolutely relaxed about the rest of the country pre-judging me as thick because there’s no better starting point for any social or professional encounter.”

He added: “When nobody expects anything of you, it’s the easiest thing in the world to impress them.”

Chiles was responding to a new survey which claims that almost eight out of 10 Birmingham people wish they had a different accent.

According to Chiles, this self-deprecation was another thing which made his proud to be from Birmingham.

“That’s the beauty, the real beauty of Brummies. They don’t adore themselves.”