Adrian Chiles: My footie shirt saved me from jail!

Adrian Chiles says his football team West Bromwich Albion and former player Robert Koren helped him in mysterious ways after a horrific car crash in Slovenia.

At ITV1’s World Cup launch, Adrian told about his recent dramas while on holiday.

He said: “I had quite a nasty car accident in Slovenia a couple of weeks ago when I was driving to Croatia. A girl in another car just came around the corner and slammed into the side of us. We were driving a hired Lexus – it was a terrifying experience but everyone was fine.

He went on: “The police turned up and just stared at me and my mates – three big brutes – and then at this traumatised Slovenian girl. You could see what they were thinking, but then we had a West Brom shirt with us! We showed it to the copper and said: ‘Robert Koren plays for us!’ and off we went. They love him in Slovenia, thankfully!

“It was a good job it happened then as Koren was released by West Brom the next day. We could have still been in a jail there now if the timing had been wrong!”

England are due to play Slovenia on June 23 in South Africa.

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