Adrian hasn’t ruled out move back to the BBC

Despite quitting his slot on the BBC’s One Show last year in protest at its changing format, Adrian Chiles hasn’t ruled out a return.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail’s Live Magazine, he said: “I haven’t made any enemies – well, I suppose I fell out with the controller of BBC1, but lots of people came to my leaving do who didn’t have to. I’ve burnt no bridges.”

Adrian walked out of The One Show after BBC bosses introduced plans to replace him with Chris Evans as host of the Friday night slot.

At the time he was quoted as saying there was ‘no secret how disappointed’ he was at the decision to alter The One Show’s format, and said he would have been happy to remain at the BBC ‘doing the same shows on the same terms’.

It was thought Adrian’s pride was hurt by the prospect of being replaced by Chris and that he didn’t want anyone else to present with Christine, but he now says he bears Chris no ill-will.

“He was offered a really successful show with a guaranteed audience. If my own brother had taken the job I wouldn’t have blamed him.

“I should’ve texted Chris and said that. I apologise to him if I came across as rude.”

While Adrian may one day return to the BBC, for now he’s happy at ITV: “Moving to ITV has worked out really well for me. Football is great, Daybreak is now getting there and hopefully the Sunday night show will work out as well.”