Having played Adam Carter for over four years, Rupert Penry-Jones leaves Spooks this series… Rupert tells us about his dramatic departure and tells us his highlights during his time on the show.

At the end of the previous series, Adam and Jo were held hostage and Jo was tortured. Where do we pick up as we begin the new series? How has Adam been affected by the ordeal?

“Six months have passed and he’s still getting through it, the way he always does. Adam’s had to cope with a lot in the past and this has been another terrible ordeal, although I don’t think anything will ever compare to losing his wife.”

The details of your departure in this series are a secret, but can you tell us how you felt when you heard about your exit storyline – is it all you had hoped for?

“The way I leave is great; it�s one of the best Spooks exits. I can�t give too much away, but my departure is brilliant. I�m very pleased with it. I can�t wait to see the finished product.”

When you first joined Spooks, did you ever envisage that you would stay with the show for as long as you have?

“I never expected the series to run as long as it has, I certainly never envisaged I�d stay for over four years, but it�s such a great part and it�s so rare to get a role like that in television. Spooks is a fantastic show – I think it�s one of the best shows on TV. It�s been an amazing ride for me. The character has done me an awful lot of good and I have a lot to thank Adam Carter for.”

What has been your highlight during your time on Spooks and what do you think you�ll miss most?

“It�s difficult to pick one, there have been so many great moments, but I think one of my highlights is from series four when Peter Firth and I rode motorboats down the Thames. I love the fact that Spooks shows a side of London you don�t normally see. My real highlight has been working with people like Hermione Norris and Peter Firth. It�s the people I will miss most – I miss them already.”