Oliver Lee explains how Aiden has got two pupils pregnant in BBC One drama Waterloo Road (Wednesday)…

Aiden’s caused quite a stir since his arrival in Waterloo Road. Is he a bad boy or just misunderstood?
“Aiden’s a ‘rebel without a cause’. He’s a loveable rogue who seems full of confidence and has an eye for the ladies. But it’s all a bit of a front. He has a need for female attention because he feels let down by his mum. He desperately wishes she and his dad were back together.”

This week pupil Vicki reveals to Aiden on exam day that she’s pregnant by him after their fling. How does he react?
“It’s a huge bombshell! We know this has happened before at his old school and it’s the reason his family moved and his parents split up. So he feels it’s very much history repeating itself.”

This leads to him setting off a fire alarm in order to steal an exam paper – why does he do all this?
“Desperate times call for desperate measures! Vicki is falling apart and he’s worried she won’t keep their secret, so he steals the exam paper as a way of helping the stressed-out pupil with her test. But the plan to cheat backfires when the paper is discovered missing.”

There’s another shock for Aiden later on when his ex girlfriend Jess reveals she’s pregnant, too…
“Yes Aiden’s world completely crumbles around him. He feels alone and lost. His mother leaves and he’s heartbroken. He’s lost the trust of everyone around him. A lot of bridges need rebuilding!”

You and your partner Linzey Cocker, who plays Jess, have a baby together – did you feel this storyline mirrored real life a little?
“Our situation in no way mirrors our Waterloo Road story! We made a decision as an adult couple to have our first child – it wasn’t the result of a teenage leg-over! We all get our beautiful gifts in lots of ways. It was fantastic to work with Linzey while she was pregnant – I’m her biggest fan! We’ve been engaged a year now and I can’t wait to marry her, but we may need to go on Don’t Tell The Bride to pay for it!”