Alan Carr: ‘I knew I’d never be Parkinson’

Award-winning chat show host Alan Carr talks about the new series of Chatty Man (C4, Friday, April 27) and tells TV Times magazine about why Lambrini is his secret weapon…

So, Alan, this year you won the National Television Award for Best Chat Show!

“To win against Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross was absolutely amazing. Chatty Man was the only C4 show to get an award and it was voted for by the public so hopefully my job should be safe for at least six series!”

What can we expect to see in the new series, then?

“I don’t think we’re going to try to change anything, but cooking with Lady Gaga worked well last year so I think there’ll be lots of added little extras like that, and mucking around.”

We’ve also heard that we can look forward to two special editions of the show – one to coincide with the Olympics and the other with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…

“I’m sure I’ll be dressed in Lycra with an Olympic torch in my hand running around the studio car park at some point. But I’m more enthusiastic about the Jubilee. I’m not a complete royalist who hangs around outside Balmoral on Christmas Day, but I think William and Kate are great.”

Have you learnt a lot about the art of interviewing since you started presenting the show?

“I knew I’d never be the new Parkinson, but I’m not so nervous now and I know that if I come to a dead end I will get something out of them if I just persevere.”

What’s your fool-proof method of getting your guests talking?

“Lambrini! You’re only going to get so much out of people and at the end of the day it is a chat show, I’m not a counsellor.”

We’re really sad to see you leaving your popular Radio 2 show, though…

“I was gutted about leaving, but it’s weird with fame, when you get on the telly everyone throws things at you like radio shows and book deals and you accept everything because they’re amazing opportunities. Don’t write me off just yet though, I’ll come back and do radio when it’s all a bit quieter!”