Chatty Man host Alan Carr tells TV Times magazine about his dream guest and what we can expect in the new series (C4, Sundays)…

What can we expect from this series of Chatty Man?
“Well, it’s the same as the old ones really. If you find something that works, you stick with it.”

Are there any must-haves on set?
“I love Yorkshire tea, it’s my favourite. The C4 tea isn’t that nice so, if I’m feeling in need of a boost, I’ll ask them to get me one of those Chai Tea Lattes – that’s my little diva moment!”

Who are your favourite guests?
“The ones who give that little bit of sparkle because they’re a real star, like Rihanna or Justin Timberlake. I also love it when my friends Gok Wan and David Walliams are on the show because it gives another dimension and we have a laugh.”

Who would be your dream guest?
“Lady Gaga. She’s been on every other show apart from mine, and I’m beginning to take it a little bit personally! I’m just dreading that she’s run out of outfits and will come in a shellsuit or something!”

Apart from yourself, who’s the chattiest man you know?
“Justin Lee Collins. You can’t get a word in edgeways! Once he gets started, he can’t stop.”