Alan Carr puts his foot down. ‘I will not swim with sharks!’

Alan Carr has said he’s cross with Channel 4 for trying to get him to swim with sharks.

The comedian and chat show presenter told the Daily Star he was terrified by the idea and wouldn’t be getting in the water with them unless it was for a huge amount of money.

He said: “They are doing all these shows at the moment wanting to put you out of your comfort zone. They want me to swim with sharks!

“I watched Jaws with my nan when I was seven and I was terrified. I am going to have a word with Channel 4 as I don’t think I should be put in danger for a cheap programme.

“Or should I ask for loads of money like £100,000?”

Alan revealed that despite his regularity on TV, people sometimes didn’t recognise him.

He said: “When I first got in Heat magazine I framed it and put it on the wall. This is a genuine story. A man came round to fix the bathroom and asked if I’d had it done on Moonpig.”

He added: “Years ago I thought being on the telly might mean I’d be in those weird crushes lists, but it never happened.

“It really hurts when you look at some people on the list like Aleksandr Meerkat.”


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