Alan Davies has urged foul-mouthed TV chefs to stop swearing.

The Jonathan Creek star is playing grumpy washed-up celebrity chef Roland White in a new BBC Two sitcom, Whites. But the colourful language that Gordon Ramsay is renowned for will be absent from the show.

QI panel member Alan told TV Times: “I’m glad there’s no swearing. Thinking about my career, I don’t think I’ve ever really sworn – I’m very old-fashioned. The swearing chef is such a cliche.

“Jamie (Oliver)’s shows are great, the school dinners one was fantastic, and he was so passionate about it – and I mean really passionate, not just bad-tempered like Ramsay.

“But it was a primetime show about children’s food and kids were watching – so stop swearing!”

Of his new on-screen character, Alan said: “What’s nice for me is that he isn’t very nice, if that makes sense… I usually play nice people, so I’ve finally got a role that’s more like the real me!”