ALPHA PAPA_DVD_3dSteve Coogan’s cringe-inducing comic creation Alan Partridge makes his movie debut and he’s as hopeless, hapless and tragically naff as ever. The film, however, gives him the chance to be a hero when a sacked DJ at North Norfolk Digital takes a dozen of the radio station’s staff hostage at shotgun-point and asks for ‘trusted’ colleague Alan to be his mediator with the police. As the siege unfolds, Alan’s inept efforts to turn the situation to his own advantage produce moments of exquisite toe-curling comedy. An occasional farcical episode – Alan losing his trousers while wriggling through a window, for example – hits the wrong note, but the film mostly strikes the right balance of plot and character, and the climax – a cack-handed standoff on Cromer pier following a car chase at a crawl in the Radio Norwich roadshow van – is Alan Partridge to a T.


Released on Blu-ray & DVD by  on Monday 2nd December.

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