Alan Titchmarsh says it’s the end of his chat show and, possibly, Love Your Garden

Alan Titchmarsh confirmed the next series of his long running chat show The Alan Titchmarsh Show will be his last.

Speaking to What’s on TV, the gardener-turned-presenter said: “Yes, I’m doing the last series [of my chat show] this autumn. I’ve been doing it for eight years and it’s series 15 now, and I’d rather move on.”

Alan also confirmed he’s considering retiring his other popular ITV show, Love Your Garden, currently screening on Tuesdays.

“I don’t know, we’ll see. This’ll be the fourth series [of Love Your Garden] and I always like to move on when things are at their peak. But it’s too early to say, who knows!”

Alan, who turned 65 earlier this year, however has revealed he has no plans to bow out of TV completely.

“I’ve no plans to retire, just chances to do other things.”

He joked: “I’ve not conducted an orchestra! And I’ve not acted. I quite fancy a part in something. But I think I’ve been granted enough wishes by my good fairy to not feel I’m due any more!”