Alesha Dixon has revealed that while she needed to think hard about being a Strictly Come Dancing judge for a second series, her love of the show meant she had to return.

But the singer and former ballroom show champ said it was not nasty comments about her role on the panel that were an issue – but her loyalty to her record label.

Former Mis-Teeq star Alesha replaced Arlene Phillips on the show last year, a move that was duly met with accusations of ageism by the press.

Fans of the show also didn’t like the fact Alesha didn’t have a dance background, other than winning the series two years previously.

The dancing diva was determined not to let the comments get to her.

“I hated all that nastiness,” Alesha said. “I was just an easy target for a lot of older female journalists who were quite frankly just being b****y. I think everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you don’t have to be rude and say I’ve got no brain and things.

“You have to let the negativity bounce off you, I genuinely think positivity prevails. Also, I’m not a quitter, and I only do things I enjoy so the fact I’m back there now shows how much I love it.

“There was no hesitation to go back this year, but I did have to think about it,” she admits.

“My label were resistant for me to do it, as they have no vested interest in the show, and there’s no evidence that being on there sells them more records.

“Let’s be real, they’ve invested a lot more in my career than Strictly has, but it’s my life and career, and I enjoy it.”