Alesha: ‘It will either be Chelsee or Harry’

Alesha Dixon doesn’t rate Jason Donovan’s chances in the Strictly Come Dancing final.

The judge believes it will be a straight battle between Chelsee Healey and Harry Judd as the couples take to the dancefloor at Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom at the weekend.

The finale of the popular dance show takes place on Saturday with the three stars performing four dances each with their partners.

Speaking on BBC One’s Graham Norton Show, to be screened on Friday, Alesha predicted: “It will either be Chelsee or Harry.

“Chelsee is a brilliant dancer, but I think a lot of women have a soft spot for Harry.”

Alesha said there was clearly sexual tension between the celebs and their partners, adding: “Absolutely. You can just tell.

“When they are right in front of you, you can read the way they look at each other and the chemistry. I love that bit of it.”

Reflecting on the show’s ratings-winning success this year, she said: “It’s a combination of everything and it’s warm and fluffy, it’s escapism and it’s not too deep. We need nice shows to make us feel good.”

The single star also joked that her laughter might put men off, telling Graham: “You’ve heard me laugh, imagine waking up to that”.

“I would rather be single until I meet someone special,” she added. “I’ve had a bad time in the past with men and I think you become guarded and you don’t want to give your heart away so easily.”