Alesha Dixon has a new solo album out next month, which should give some insight into her troubled life.

The former Mis-Teeq singer and Strictly Come Dancing winner, who was cheated on by her ex, MC Harvey, said she speaks candidly on her album.

“You can expect a lot of feelgood songs because I’m in a good place and I think that’s gonna reflect on the record, but you’re also gonna get emotional records, more thought-provoking songs on there,” she said.

“I think you’re gonna get a nice balance. I wouldn’t say revelations, but I definitely am talking from the heart.”

Alesha added that her foray into TV documentaries, following the success of her beauty industry programmes, has been put on hold.

“Well, I have had to put that on the sidelines for the moment, because as you know when you’ve got a single and an album coming out you have no life.

“You can’t even find time to go food shopping, your dog gets neglected, so pretty much the only thing I can focus all my energy on the moment is the album,” she said.